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Offshore Wind Energy

Offshore Wind Energy

Calm sea, no waves, clear sky. A wind turbine is visible in the foreground, other wind turbines are visible in the distance
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The Offshore Wind Energy Team (OWE Team) operates in the Maritime Traffic Safety Department (MTSD, in Polish: IRM). The tasks of the OWE Team include, among others:

  • Analyzing and giving opinions on navigational expertise, plans, applications and documents related to offshore wind energy (OWE) in terms of meeting formal requirements in accordance with applicable law;
  • Analysis and issuing opinions on documents related to OWE investments, the impact of offshore wind farms (OWF) and associated installations on the safety and efficiency of vessel navigation;
  • Development and supervision of the proper flow of nautical information related to the organization of shipping in the OWF area during the construction, operation and decommissioning phases;
  • Development of ordinances regulating the rules of navigation during the construction, operation and decommissioning phases of the OWF areas and creation of appropriate procedures;
  • Coordination, cooperation and agreement of opinions within the maritime office between experts involved in the OWF construction and operation process;
  • Cooperation with investors, the VTS centres, maritime offices and services involved in the OWE development process;
  • Cooperation with the VTS centres to develop instructions for supervision of vessel traffic in the OWF area;
  • Exchange of information with Investors in order to develop plans for the operation of units involved in the construction and operation of the OWF;
  • Participation in the work of the Polish Offshore Sector Deal group / stakeholder cooperation.

The Offshore Wind Energy Team:

Marta Kafarska – Offshore Wind Energy - Chief Specialist
Ph.:  +48 58 355 36 07

Michał Tomczyk – Offshore Wind Energy - Senior Specialist
Ph: +48 58 355 36 04

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