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Maritime Traffic Safety Department

VTS Zatoka Gdańska Services

VTS Zatoka Gdańska Services

Information service

1/ The information service is a service provided by the VTS centre to ensure that relevant information is available on time to system participants and to support the decision-making process on board the vessel on the safety of navigation in the VTS area.

2/ The information provided in the information service may concern:

  • a) positions, intentions, maneuvers and vessel identification;
  • b) areas with higher vessel traffic;
  • c) the movement of vessels posing a hazard or limited by their draft;
  • d) recommended route for passage, status of areas periodically closed to shipping and fishing;
  • e) places and water areas where works affecting the safety of navigation are carried out;
  • f) closures of water areas and ports;
  • g) shipping safety and security;
  • h) navigational warnings;
  • i) condition of aids to navigation;
  • j) forecasts, actual conditions and hydrometeorological warnings;
  • k) ice reports;
  • l) suspension of pilotage services or VTS services;
  • m) changes and additions to the services provided by VTS centre.

3/ The information service is provided by the VTS centre on the VTS working channel (VHF channel 71) or on the backup VTS channel (VHF channel 66), following an announcement on the working channel.

4/ Hours of transmission of the permanent information service messages - navigation warnings and weather forecasts are available in nautical publications (and are given below). The remaining information of the information service is provided by the VTS centre depending on the navigational situation in the VTS area and at the participant's request.

5/ Information transmissions are preceded by an announcement on VHF channel 16 stating the working channel on which they will be provided. All vessels navigating in the VTS area should listen to announced transmissions. Hours of transmission of the permanent information service messages:

Navigational warnings, meteorological reports, weather forecasts:
Announcement - VHF channel 16, 71.
Transmission - VHF channel 66: - at. 0005, 0705, 1305, 1905 LT (local time); in Polish,

- at the request of participants.

Navigational assistance service

1/ The navigational assistance service is a consulting service provided by the VTS centre in order to support the decision-making process on board the vessel in the safety of navigation in the ​​VTS area and control of the effects of the implementation of decisions made.

2/ The navigational assistance is provided via VHF communication based on radar information in the following situations:

  • a) when the VTS centre deems it necessary for ensuring the safety of navigation and environmental protection in the VTS area;
  • b) at the request of the master of the vessel in the event of particularly bad weather conditions, reduced visibility, changes in the pilotage services or when the vessel is in danger.

3/ The navigational assistance will be provided to vessels only if the vessel has been clearly identified on the radar screen and the continuity of its tracking is maintained throughout the navigational assistance process.

4/ The provision of navigational assistance to a vessel does not relieve the master from the personal responsibility for the safe navigation of that vessel and cannot be considered as "remote piloting".

5/ The start and end of the navigational assistance shall be clearly announced on the communication channel on which it is provided, by the vessel requesting the assistance or the VTS centre, and confirmed by the other party.

6/ The navigational information provided during the navigational assistance by the VTS centre may pertain to:

  • a) vessel's course and speed above the bottom;
  • b) position in relation to the separation line or the separation zone of a traffic separation scheme, in relation to a prescribed route or fixed points;
  • c) the position, intention and identification of other vessels in the vicinity;
  • d) warnings for individual vessels with regard to their hazardous traffic parameters.

7/ The master of each vessel, upon receipt of information or a warning concerning the vessel's movement parameters, should immediately compare the course, speed and position of his vessel with that received in the information or warning.

8/ The navigational assistance provided by the VTS centre is free of charge.

Traffic organization service (only for notified vessels)

1/ The traffic organization service is a service provided by the VTS centre in order to prevent situations of excessive proximity between vessels and to ensure safe and efficient vessel traffic in the VTS area.

2/ Provision of any instructions concerning the organization of the traffic of vessels notified in the VTS area is allowed only on the VTS working channel (VHF channel 71), via the VTS centre.

3/ The master of each vessel in the VTS area is obliged to follow the instructions for the organization of traffic for the ship received from the VTS centre. The instructions will indicate the outcome of the actions the vessel should take, leaving the master of the vessel to decide how to execute them. The instructions may contain commands to limit the speed of the vessel to reach designated waypoints for a specified period of time, may include restrictions on overtaking certain vessels, and allow for joining or crossing a traffic lane.

4/ The traffic organization service is based on advance planning of the traffic of notified vessels, based on:

  • a) mandatory ship’s reporting system on lines and at reporting points;
  • b) mandatory declaration of the vessel’s ETA and report of departure from port;
  • c) allocation of a traffic route in the VTS area that the vessel is to follow;
  • d) allocation of anchorages or berthing places;
  • e) authorization for joining the traffic lane.

VTS Zatoka Gdańska Duty Service (24/7):

VHF:         71
Phone:      +48 58 355 3610
Mobile:     +48 601 991 331
Satellite:    +870 772 265 042
Fax:            +48 58 620 5363; or +48 58 620 5328;
Email:        vts@umgdy.gov.pl

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