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Reconstruction of the Main Breakwater in Gdynia along with the modernization of the navigation system

  • 20 November 2014
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The Initiator and Final Beneficiary of the Project was the Director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia. The SOP Transport Managing Authority was the then Ministry of Regional Development.
The Intermediate Body in SOP Transport Management was the then Ministry of Transport and Construction.
The Paying Authority was the Ministry of Finance.
The project was implemented under the Sectoral Operational Program - Transport for 2004 - 2006

Priority 1 Branch-balanced transport development
Measure 1.2. Improvement of access infrastructure to seaports - improvement of sea access .

A description of the project

The subject of the Project is the reconstruction of the Main Breakwater in the port of Gdynia, which consists in restoring the strength and stability parameters of the building. The project also aims to improve the protection of the Outer Port against waves and ice in conditions of elevated water levels and to increase the level of navigation safety on the fairways to the port of Gdynia.